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GrahamTek Founder, Pioneer of 16" RO Technology

GrahamTek's heritage is based on a devotion to innovation that creates game-changer solutions to challenges in the industries we serve. In the late 1990s William "Koerie" Graham - the founder of GrahamTek globally - introduced the 16" Reverse Osmosis technology in Water Treatment - technology at the time that was said to be impossible. 16" technology is now in use in some of the largest desalination plants in the world.

It is not only GrahamTek that thinks 16" RO technology offers significant performance and cost benefits in the pursuit of Reverse Osmosis Plant optimisation.

Leading organisations, institutions and thinkers in the water industry agree on the benefits that can be realised by incorporating 16" technology into plant design.


"Decrease in Capital Expenses and most importantly Lower final cost of water"

International Desalination Association (IDA) on Benefits of 16" RO technology, IDA Conference, Casablanca 2012

"16 inch membrane diameters improve economic feasibility, as they require fewer pipelines and metal frames and reduce membrane fouling...the results of these studies show 16 inch membranes are beneficial in reducing CAPEX."

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology UAE, Abu Dhabi
Desalination Sustainability: A Technical, Socioeconomic, and Environmental Approach, June 2017

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One of the modules for a GrahamTek Middle East client nearing completion.

Some of the largest desalination plants in the world (in excess of 620 Million Liters per day) use 16” RO technology, pioneered by William Graham of GrahamTek.


William "Koerie" Graham, inventor of 16" Reverse Osmosis Technology.

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Off Grid Water Treatment
Download a recent article from Engineering News
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Off Grid Water Treatment
Download a recent article from Engineering News
Engineering News.pdf (491.45KB)